About the Outreach

Pope John Paul 2 orig artwork by EM Zelasko

Pope John Paul 2
orig artwork by EM Zelasko

The Byzantine Catholic Outreach of Fort Collins, a daughter-church of Holy Protection of the Mother of God parish in Denver, Colorado, is a community of believers dedicated to participating fully in the light and life of God, our Creator.

Our community mission is to enliven, enlighten, and encourage one another by uniting our whole life with the Holy Trinity for the glory and praise of God through worship, prayer, and service.

Lifted up by God’s love for us, we have been drawn into the life of heaven through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the True Light. Guided by the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit, we are sent forth to bring this light to the whole world.
We wish to share the blessings of our ever-deepening experience of God’s light and love with a spirit of generosity, a joyful presence, and the promise of hope and everlasting life with all.