Gabriel House update

We delivered our first donation to The Gabriel House on Friday! It was very exciting. Jan and Linda greeted us and were truly appreciative of what we are doing. I explained that we set up a table each Sunday and that each week the gifts grow and expand.

I have tax donations receipts you are welcome to fill out. I will return the forms to the staff at the Gabriel House and then return a signed copy to you. We have a few signed copies already. I will bring them on Sunday and we’ll be sure you have what you need when tax season rolls around!

As the conversation progressed both women mentioned that in addition to the items already suggested that they could also use items such as: orajel, head to toe body wash, tampons, pads, nipple cream, and nursing pads.

They both thought the diaper bag was “way classy!” Gone are the days of Winnie the Pooh and Elmo diaper bags! (Smiling!)

Jacqueline has offered to donate the next diaper bag and we begin round 2 on Sunday!

Thanks for the love and generosity carried within each gift! That in itself will make a difference!

Mary and Teresa